Ted Nugent

The incomparable guitar genius and intensity of Ted Nugent have carved him a permanent place among the legends of rock. Nugent’s talents, volume & over-the-top onstage antics quickly earned Young Ted the moniker of "Motor City Madman," along with international acclaim. Recognized as one of the world's leading guitar showmen, Nugent’s no-holds-barred career spans four decades of multi-platinum hits. From the ground breaking Amboy Dukes' "Journey to the Center of the Mind," to classics like "Stranglehold" & "Cat Scratch Fever," to Damn Yankees chartbusters like "High Enough," and cult classic "Fred Bear," TED NUGENT'S rapid- fire sonic assaults continue to sell out venues around the globe.

Jason Bonham

Jason Bonham is the Son of legendary Led Zeppelin drummer, John Bonham. Jason first began playing drums at the age of 4. His first solo album, “The Disregard of Timekeeping,” appeared in 1989 and the single "Wait for You" was a major success. Bonham drummed for Paul Rodgers on the Grammy winning “Muddy Water Blues: A Tribute to Muddy Waters” project. A year later, with Slash and Paul Rodgers, he appeared at Woodstock II in 1994, followed by a stint with “Motherload” on their “Peace 4 Me” album. At the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Jason represented his father when Led Zeppelin was inducted during 1996. Bonham soon put together another solo project which culminated in the “In The Name of the Father: The ZepSet,” featuring the songs of Led Zeppelin. Proceeds from the album went to charity. The album followed up with “When You See the Sun.” Bonham drummed for Healing Sixes in 2000 and appeared in the film Rock Star, starring Mark Wahlberg. Following an album and tour with Debbie Bonham, younger sister of John Bonham, Jason was invited to drum for hard rock group, UFO. Bonham married Jan Charteris In May, 1990 and had a son named Jazz Bonham.

Sebastian Bach

The remarkable vocal talents of Sebastian Bach have paved the way to an incredible career as lead vocalist of the 1980’s for heavy metal bands such as “Kid Wikkid,” “Madam X,” “Herrenvolk,” “VO5” and “Skid Row.” Bach has performed on the same stage with legendary bands such as “Guns N' Roses” and “Metallica” and has starred in the Broadway productions of The Rocky Horror Show and Jekyll & Hyde. In early 2002, he became the host of VH1's Forever Wild. In October 2002, he was signed to perform in the national touring production of Jesus Christ Superstar and played the role of Jesus successfully in the show until April 2003. Sebastian also has a role on the hit WB television series “Gilmore Girls” as Gil, the bands guitarist on the show. His wife's name is Maria Bierk and they have two children named Paris & London.

Scott Ian

In a career spanning three decades, Scott Ian, as one of the founding members of Anthrax, helped to create the “New Wave of American Heavy Metal” in the mid-80’s alongside Metallica. Pushing the envelope in the metal genre to it’s bursting point in 1991, Scott came up with the idea to crossover with rap pioneers Public Enemy and record what was to become the foundation of the Rap/Rock genre that exploded in the nineties. With their hit “Bring The Noise” Anthrax reached new heights kicking open the door for such bands as Rage Against The Machine, Limp Bizkit, Kid Rock, and Linkin Park. In their twenty plus year history Anthrax have seven gold and platinum albums and have sold more than ten million records worldwide. Continually recording and touring through the nineties and into the new millennium, Anthrax has maintained the kind of career that only a handful of others can lay claim to as well. Widely known as the face of Anthrax, Scott is a constant and extremely recognizable figure in the worlds of music, movies and television. Anthrax starred in an episode of the hit Fox TV show Married With Children called "My Dinner With Anthrax" and also played themselves in an episode of News Radio. Scott also played himself in the major motion picture Calendar Girls with Helen Mirren. Scott parlayed his success with the band into a television gig with VH1 in 2001 when they asked him to host “Rock Show.” During his forty eight episodes as host, Scott interviewed numerous celebrity guests and friends including; Ozzy Osbourne, Rob Halford, Ted Nugent, Stone Temple Pilots, Megadeth, Three Doors Down, Sevendust, Tenacious D, and The Cult. Scott is also a regular commentator on various VH1 shows including the “I Love The 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s” series, “100 Most Metal Moments”, “Awesomely Bad Number One Songs”, “When Metallica Ruled The World”, Metallica’s “Behind The Music”, and Anthrax’s own “Behind The Music.” Scott is currently working on a new Anthrax record and the band is getting ready to head out on tour this summer with Rob Zombie, coming to an arena near you.

Evan Seinfeld

Evan Seinfeld is the embodiment of Hardcore. A new type of renessciance man, Evan is the Lead vocalist, bassist, front man and founder of his band, “Biohazard.” ( based “Biohazard” was one of the first bands to mix socially conscious reality based lyrics with their own brand of heavy metal, punk and hardcore with elements of hip-hop & rap. Well known for its organic style of street style rock and roll, Biohazard emerged as arguably the most successful band of their genre, selling millions of albums over their 20 year career, and appeared on such notable albums as nativity in black, the black sabbath tribute, demon night, and is renown for their original collaberation with Hardcore rappers ONYX, on the groundbreaking Judgement night title track and the number one hit SLAM. Other collaberations include Cypress Hill, peter steele ot type o negative,, phil anselmo of pantera, hatebreed, slipknot, agnostic front, and many more. Considered one of the hardest working bands in showbiz, in the 1990's Biohazard averaged over 250 concerts a year, in over 60 countries in their 10 album body of work. Biohazard has performed concerts and festivals such as Dynamo open air in the netherlands, where they broke all-time attendance records headlining for over 140,000 people. BIohazard has toured and shared the stage with everyone from metallica to david bowie, the red hot chili peppers to Ozzy osbourne, Kiss to Black Sabbath, and has done extensive world tours with bands such as slayer, sepultura, and pantera. Having never been played on commercial radio, Biohazard remains the voice of the true underground, and has kept very close to their gritty roots, emerging as the one hardcore band to cross over to the mighty metal audiences across the world. Seinfeld is well known for his role as Jaz Hoyt, Prisoner #98H432 on 5 seasons and 40 episodes of HBO's critically acclaimed ,award winning , first ever original series , the prison drama "Oz", provides the voice for Skinz #3 in the video game “Manhunt”, and the voice of the leader of the turnbull a.c.'s in the rockstar video game "the warriors". Seinfeld has appeared on Vh1's "history of metal", "most metal moments", so jewtastic" , matzo and metal, 40 greatest metal songs, 40 greatest metal bands, the Big Idea with donny deutch, Howard Stern, as well as feature films such as "Angry Dogs", "Kiss me again", and "the wizard of Gore". He has directed several music videos, and writes a regular column in "Stuff" Magazine's bias section, entitled, "the sausuge king of brooklyn" He is married to adult film megastar Tera Patrick (Vh1's 40 sexiest rockstar wives and girlfriends,and FHM 100 sexiest) and has not only performed with her in over a dozen numer one best selling adult features under the name Spyder Jonez, including “Reign of Tera,” which he directed, TERA TERA TERA, collision course, appetite for destruction, test drive, “Desperate.”, but serves as her full time manager and CEO of their adult entertainment empire, "Teravision". (, An accomplished photographer, Evan's works have been published on magazine covers of Playboy, Genesis, FHM, and more. Evan and Tera continue to blur the lines of Rock, adult, and mainstream celebrity, appearing on red carpets around the world. Look for their Book , TV show, and album in the coming months, all entitled Rockstar-Pornstar.